Julie was featured as the Artist of the Day in the FCBuzz newsletter from the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County on May 19th, 2020.
Her photo collage On a Walk in May 2020: Signs of spring, signs of pandemic was featured, along with a statement about the work.

On a Walk in May 2020: Signs of spring, signs of pandemic



There's a constant tension between the beauty of our New England spring and the fear and paranoia induced by the coronavirus pandemic. While out for a walk in my neighborhood on a lovely May day, I was greeted with normal spring signs of birth and renewal: a bird feather, a beautiful robin's egg, a brilliant blue sky dappled with fast-moving clouds of many shapes, and crabapple trees coming into full flower. But then there were the gloves.

Normally the pair of discarded orange nubby gardening gloves might mean someone was coming back to plant some more. But not now. In a different year, the single black glove could have simply been something that emerged out of a melting snowbank from the winter we only recently left behind. But again, not now. These are gloves thrown off hurredly by someone who wanted to rid themselves of whatever they had just touched.

The mind focuses on the ever present danger in an instant, no matter how pretty the day, today.