Guest Juror and contemporary art specialist Adrienne Ruger Conzelman, of ARC Fine Art, reviewed works rendered in grayscale — black and white and anything in between.

2017 Spectrum Selected Work

“In making a selection of works from over 400 submissions to Spectrum, I was looking for a variety of qualities, but most importantly I was aiming to create an exhibition of varying media, subject and style, all executed with excellence, originality and creativity.  Some of the qualities I was looking for include a masterful handling of material- whether oil, acrylic, graphite, pastel or other, an innovative use of material or an innovative approach to a subject, a balanced composition whether simple or complex, a clarity of expression, and most basically an adherence to theme.

I was delighted by the great response to the call for entries and the high quality of works submitted, many by well-established artists, most local although some not. The variety of subject, style and media reflects the wide range of interpretations possible within this theme.   

— Adrienne Ruger Conzelman


Julie O'Connor's photo Courtyard Boijmans will be on display at Spectrum: Grayscale.


Courtyard Boijmans (right) at the Carriage Barn Arts Center.