Julie's photograph Fierce Tête-à-tête, La Giudecca, Venice was selected for "#WOMAN" at the MFA's Circle Gallery.
The show runs from June 11th - July 11th, 2020.

Fierce Tête-à-tête, La Giudecca, Venice

Juror’s Statement

2020, the one hundredth anniversary of American women winning the right to vote and declared by many to be the Year of the Woman, has prompted Maryland Federation of the Arts to mount this exhibition, #WOMAN. Artists from across the nation, men as well as women, were invited to submit work that reflected on a basic question: what does it mean to be a woman in the twenty-first century? Implied here, of course, is a second question: how have things changed (or not) for American women over the past one hundred years? 

The artists featured here have portrayed women in a broad range of activities—domestic and out in society, alone and socially in interaction with others. Whether representational or abstract, their engaging work captures brief moments that might interpreted as statements on the place of women in our time. For me, especially as we are viewing these works in the wake of the current public health crisis, I find the artists’ subjects and their treatment generally uplifting and positive. Women, often shown with others present or implied, are represented as caring and supportive, confident and self-assertive. As viewers, we are prompted to recall female family and friends whose warmth, consistency, and conviction made a difference for us and for the world. Of course, we need to remember that even in 2020, there are still obstacles encountered by women, personally and professionally, particularly women of color. This may be why I often say let’s skip the Year of the Woman and dedicate the entire next century to reaching equity and recognition for women, all women, so many of whose potential is still being passed over or inadequately recognized in contemporary society.

- Dr. Doreen Bolger, The Baltimore Museum of Art