Julie's photograph 6 Points Over the Hudson was selected for the Autumn Juried Show at the Rowayton Arts Center.
The show runs from October 13th - November 9th, 2019
The reception is on October 13th, 4 - 6PM

6 Points Over the Hudson


A statement from the juror, Katerina Lanfranco:

It was a pleasure to comb through such a wonderful treasury of images that were submitted for consideration for this Autumn Juried Show. It's been an honor to be given the privilege to jury this exhibition. With over 300 works to choose from, the task was monumental. I whittled down the selections, round by round. I recognized some artists' works from the past show that I curated at RAC - some works made it into the final selection, some didn't. I had to make choices based on the constraints of the gallery space and how the show was evolving as its own entity. I wanted to include a lot more than the space allowed, so if I didn't choose yours it is not a reflection of the work, but only a result of having to make difficult decisions. The color photography and painting submissions were particularly competitive. I feel like I could have made a total painting show, and a complete photography show. In the end, I had to make an argument for every single work that I chose to include for the exhibition. My criteria included, but was not limited to technical skill and execution, compositional balance and color harmony, interesting content, and emotional tenor. Questions I asked myself included: Did the work surprise or intrigue me? Was is particularly graceful in execution? Or did it show some bravado and material risk taking? Did it give me a new perspective on something? Was there an undeniable hum or energy in the overall Gestalt experience of the work?

It also happens sometimes, that there are works that are submitted that are similar by different artists, and I'm forced to choose one. In the end, the show represents the work that I connected to (though during the final rounds of edits in the jurying process it was painful to edit works that I felt connected to but had to cut due to the restrictions of the exhibition) and harmonized with the entirety of the exhibition.

So I applaud you ALL for submitting your work, and thank you ALL for giving me a chance to look and engage with the work on an aesthetic, emotional and professional level.

Katerina Lanfranco