Julie's photograph Electric Palm was selected for the Spring Juried Show by Lisa Cooper.
The show runs from April 26th - May 23rd, 2020.
Due to COVID-19, it is an online exhibition visible here.

Electric Palm

Juror Statement:

I have always believed in the healing power of art to positively impact all of our lives. I look for artwork across all mediums which makes me feel something — whether that is happy or sad or curious — or takes me into a different place and invites me to explore. Given this current unprecedented time, I was definitely drawn to artwork that provided me with a sense of hope and optimism and is uplifting. I was also moved by artwork that invited me in to explore and move around and discover something new. Especially now, art has the ability to take us into a different space without ever leaving the room.

Celebration was selected as Best in Show for its ability to invite me into the painting and take me on

a uplifting journey. The combination of calming blues and brighter yellow led me into a space where I moved around and into a space that was warm and comforting. The splashes of more intense color brought me up… and lowered me down. As I looked at it, I discovered spaces of strength, as well as freedom.

Sisters was selected for its hope, optimism and elevating quality. The photograph brought me up into the trees — through the beautiful brown and gold branches and leaves into the spaces filled with light and a transcendent feel. I have recently read The Overstory by Richard Powers and celebrate the exceptional power of mother nature and trees.

Environmental Spiral drew me into the artwork with its gentle movement and natural elements. I enjoyed coming back to the artwork and continually discovering new flowers, leaves, and vines especially within the lighter areas.

I have always been drawn to dimensional paper artwork. Spiral Vortex is a wonderful example with its dimension, texture and continual movement. There is a wonderful purity with white on white artwork. The use of light and shadows, as well as strong shapes, drew me to this artwork.

The honorable mention goes to Roses for Sara, an artwork inspired by someone who had passed away due to the COVID-19 virus. In this case, the artist's description really provided insights into the work. The celebration of a life well lived and gone far too soon. Especially during this time, we all must take time to celebrate and honor the lives of those we have lost.

I am thankful and grateful to all the artists who submitted work for the 2020 Spring Juried Show at the Rowayton Art Center. It is always an honor to explore new creative visions.

All the Best,

Lisa Cooper
Elisa Contemporary Art