Two of Julie's Photographs were chosen for this Annual Juried Show, out of 105 selected from 550 submissions.

Julie won an award as an 'Artist to Watch' in 2018, for her photograph Strike a Pose (on an Erwin Wurm).

A statement from the Juror:

Artists, It was no easy task deciding which works could be accommodated in the space. Those selected represent a variety of media, approaches and attitudes. While overwhelmingly painting was the preferred medium among these submissions, the exhibit will include photography, sculpture, mixed media and both representational and abstract painting.

Nature plays a powerful role in much of the art in the exhibition. This is very much in keeping with Johnson and Whitney's passion for the environment and their appreciation of the artistic aspects of landscape. Perhaps what is most "now" is what has always been the - landscape before us.

- Hilary Lewis

Strike a Pose (on an Erwin Wurm)

5 Evil Faces Morphed into One


Photos from the Show:

Julie discussing her work with architect Richard Bergman, who helped restore the Carriage Barn.

Julie O'Connor is talking about her awarded photograph Strike a Pose (on an Erwin Wurm) at
Carriage Barn Arts Center (the left one in the marked circle is Fruma Markowitz's work)

Photo by Eric Chiang